Nine Reasons Corporate Florists Are Using Stemcounter

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We love the floralpreneurs and small studio florists who use Stemcounter (my wife runs our small shop that only does 45 events a year and we started Stemcounter because we were a small shop that needed help), but there have been some very large companies approaching us who do 1,500+ events per year and the truth is that Stemcounter is the perfect solution for corporate florists as much as it is for the floralpreneur. Here are nine reasons corporate florists are turning to Stemcounter.

1. Simplicity. Stemcounter is hands-down the simplest tool to learn, incorporate into process, and teach to multiple team members. We've had users report that they moved to us from other systems because while they could figure the other system out, it wasn't simple enough to transmit that information to other team members.

2. We are built to handle corporate and larger clients. Not just our technical capacity, but our entire company focus and data structure. We've built out a system that can scale to the size and needs of a corporate florist. This includes having the capacity to hire incredible customer service team members and world-class developers who understand how to build and handle large amounts of information. 

3. We're the only software built to add multiple recipes to a single item. Consider how often a head table may have multiple arrangements. There's no need to list each arrangement separately when they're part of the same piece.

4. We're the only software that has e-proposals where your clients can view the proposal from any device, click on photos to see the full size photo, sign, and pay - all from the same screen. Other softwares have bits and pieces of this but not the entire streamlined process. Also, other softwares depend on creating a web-based PDF. You can create a pdf if you'd like, but our e-proposals optimize to fit smaller screens.

5. We're the only software with drag and drop from Pinterest. This makes it easy to add the inspiration photos from a client's Pinterest boards directly to the proposal.

6. We have a very defined focus on the digital experience of clients. We definitely support pdfs and allow florists to create beautiful, printed proposals but we are focused on creating tools to give the client an even more incredible, customizable digital experience that immerses them in the proposal (no matter what device they're using) and will be building tools with that focus.

7. We have an exclusive integration with Mayesh. All Stemcounter users have access to Mayesh's incredible flower photo library that makes it super simple to build out your library (you can use it even if you don't buy from Mayesh). 

8. We work off of a "cost x markup" structure instead of a "cost and retail price" structure. With systems where you have to add your wholesale cost and retail cost, you have to do double the work in building your library and editing items in the future. With (cost x markup) system like we use, you only have to edit the wholesale cost and the software uses your markups to make the pricing projections. This also allows for you to have multiple markups based on the event complexity or even to change your entire pricing method.

9. We have an integration with Quickbooks OnlineWe also see ourselves also adapting to more integrations with accounting and controls systems as we move forward, especially as we go into other industries, as we've done with creating MeasuringSpoon for caterers.

There are a ton more but these are just some of the ways that we stand out in the current industry. In terms of pricing, we find that for every 30 events, our clients find at least $150 of straight cash savings not counting the time savings from streamlined proposals. Our Studio plan supports up to 200 events per year so if a florist is doing more than that, we build out special quotes based on the number of events they complete each year. Click the button below to request a custom quote now.

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